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How Does The Wireless Network Bluetooth Work?

Everyone has definitely heard of Bluetooth due to the fact that it is something that people use all of the time on their cellular phones - but do you really know how it works?

The wireless network bluetooth is a very short range of communication between up to eight different devices. Bluetooth is more for personal use due to the short range that it has. The Bluetooth network will usually give a range of 30 feet in order to communicate but most likely not more than this.

This also means that there will not be any eavesdroppers because they would have to be close to you in order to get connected. The wireless network bluetooth is getting more and more popular for hands free reasons and also safety reasons.

There is an ever growing concern with people using their cellular phones while they are driving. There have been many accidents and many deaths from people trying to talk on their phones while they are driving. No matter how good you think you are at doing two things at once, there is always that incident that you did not plan on that could have been prevented if you were not paying attention to something else such as your phone.

The wireless network bluetooth has made it possible for people to purchase a Bluetooth headset to where they put it on their ear and can receive and make calls just from that headset without ever touching their phone. Even though this still causes a distraction when you are driving, it has been noted that it is still a lot safer than actually holding your cellular phone in your hand while you have one hand on the wheel.

With the Bluetooth headset, you can have both hands on the wheel and talk on your phone at the same time. The wireless network bluetooth also allows you to download or upload to your computer or PDA device pictures and any other information that you may want to transfer such as ring tones, wallpapers and information as well.

The Bluetooth is not the wave of the future when it comes to all transfer network due to the range that it has but it is a very popular way to connect devices in short range without the hustle and bustle of connecting wires up. There will probably be new advancements in the future where the Bluetooth will be able to accomplish a lot more.  

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