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Wireless Network Set Up

Home Wireless Network Security

Taking The Time For Home Wireless Network Security

Wireless networks are getting more popular in homes.  People want to have access to the Internet with a laptop computer from anywhere in their home.  Making sure that you are taking steps to make sure you have home wireless network security is one of the most important parts of your home network. Without taking the steps and making sure that your network is secure is essential.

One of the most important steps in protecting your home network is to change the default user name and passwords. The defaults are the same for most networks.  Most people who deal with wireless networks know the default settings, and then can break into the network.  

To make sure that you have proper home wireless network security you need to start with changing the default user name and passwords. Encryption is the second step in home wireless network security. Turning on encryption, will protect what you are sending over the network and making sure that everything, including logins and passwords are being protected.  

Encryption will scramble the messages and protects them, making them hard to read. Another step that you need to take is to change the SSID or network name.  Every network router has a default name.  Taking the time to change the name. When it comes to Home Wireless Network Security this is a starting place because if you do not know the name of the router it is harder to break into the network.

When you are away from home you have options to connect to other networks.  Being cautious and not connecting to other networks is important. You have the potential of putting your computer at risk.  Setting the network up so that you have to be asked before connecting to the other networks is a great Home Wireless Network Security tip. Firewalls are available on every computer and every router.  Taking the time and making sure that they are installed and functioning is another way of protecting your home network.

Taking the time to think about home wireless network security will help to make sure that your computer is protected. Taking steps in home wireless network security is important. You can find wireless Internet access just about anywhere.  

It is important that you take the time to find out how to protect your computer and your network from people hacking in and causing viruses or other things that can put your entire network at risk.

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Wireless Network Set Up | Wireless Modem | Home Wireless Network Security | How To Set Up A Wireless Network | Laptop Wireless Network | Wireless Network Adapters | Wireless Network Bluetooth | Wireless Network Software | Wireless Network Adapter | Wireless Network Ignition